Wow! They get us "hooked" and then

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Wow! They get us "hooked" and then
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 8:52am
jerk us around a little!! I'm starting to get used to this, but I fail to see how it is much of an improvement! At least today, the outline view is working like its supposed to. Yesterday, I had to re-open it with every didn't allow an additional window to pop on over it, but today it seems to be behaving. I sure appreciate all the helpful hints and information from our CLs. Thanks girls for walking us through this new format. I do hope we don't lose any of our sisters in the process. It does take some time and some patience!! I didn't have staff meeting this morning, so home a little later than usual for a Wednesday, but now I'm on my way for the day. See ya tonight! Sooze
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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 10:30am
HI Sooze

They are getting everything working and I am sure there will be a few other problems but with a little time it does get much easier. Thanks for sticking with it. I am not to sure I love this new format either but who as us huh?

Love ya