Repost of a Mindy Ode....

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Repost of a Mindy Ode....
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:54pm

an ode from a wisconsin winters day m

snowflakes blowing in the wind

dancing on the frozen lake,

sun peak a boo-ing thru the clouds

winter wonders nature makes.

seagulls flying with no care

ducks and geese both float along,

ice flows softly crack and creak

winter winds do sing their song.

bush and trees now naked stand

bending with the northeast breeze,

white virgin snow drapes the earth

winter marvels never cease.

seven swans come swimming by

splendid birds with heads held high,

attired in full regality

creating winters pageantry!!

cant believe those swans,their still sticking around in this cold god forsaken weather!!((hugs))mindy