Another Mindy Ode.....

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Another Mindy Ode.....
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:02pm
Ode to that Ole Full Moon......m

morning softly turns my head,eyes,opening

i look to see,moonbeams draped upon my bed.

gently nudging me,i rise,to open up my blind.

there in all its glory dressed, in golden glow

of suns best,is the moon.i stand in awe of this

god of nite,solitare in my delite,no one to share

this beauty,but me and the shadows creeping

thru the early lite.i turn to leave but linger

there,mesmerized by what i see. a fading moon and

me.fading slowly into the west,as if the earth so

hungry does digress.a few stars waiting for their

god to reappear.but alas its gone to shed its glow

to others who lie in wait for a moonbeam show.