One of my favorites from Mindy...

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One of my favorites from Mindy...
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:19pm
Ode to an Old Couple at Pick n Save m

i passed them by,

as they shared

with me a smile.

their eyes seem

to say,come talk

with us a while.

he was old and

bent in half.

she in a wheel chair,

but their spirit

was alive and well

as laughter filled

the air!!

so i stopped and

talked with both.

toothless grins had they,

but bothered neither,

as others turned

their heads

our way!!

he was a butcher

she his wife,

children grown and gone,

now its just the two

with days that seem

so long!!

they love to shop

she does cook,

he's not a fussy man.

he'll eat most anything,

that the doctor says

he can!!

she,he replied

is my life my lite,

i'd die without her near,

with twinkling eyes

she looked at him

and softly called

him dear!!

my time grew short

i had to leave,

we talked for quite a


and home i went

a happier soul,

for sharing but a


in the busyness of the holiday season thre are many that need reassurance they are still valuable humans,take the time to share a smile with them!!:o) (((hugs)))mindy