Mindy's "Ode For Hope".....

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Mindy's "Ode For Hope".....
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:42pm
Ode for hope...............m

i awake to the ticking of the clock

as time reminds me that your gone,

for i am so missing you

my life, my love, my song!!

the emptiness is hard to bare

at times i see it thru,

and times all i do is cry

for i am so,missing you!!

i see you lieing in our bed

i reach my arms to touch,

but only shadows linger now

i am missing you, so much!!

couples walking hand in hand

they do not see me stare,

i turn my tears away from them

as my heart begins to tear!!

then heartache like a storm unfolds

and falls me as a tree,

memories like rain come down

i collapse on bended knee.

free me from this pain i know

free me from this lonliness,

god grant me your sorenity

take back this emptiness!!

just then i hear a song we loved

whispered secrets that we share,

your gentle touch upon my face

i know that you are there!!

for you are just a prayer away

your smiles i can see,

your arms outstretched with love

you are waiting there for me!!

all this heartache that i feel

this endless surge of pain,

you my life, my love, my song

we shall meet one day again! we shall meet one day again!!

this wasnt meant to make anyone sad,i was just so moved by mj's post the other day,i could feel her heartaching thru her words.life is truly a short trip,before you know it our ticket is called in,we really do have to enjoy and tolerate each other better not only for spouses but children,family and friends as well.(((hugs)))mindy