Ode for Ms Lillie.....

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Ode for Ms Lillie.....
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:49pm
Ode to mslilys walk with the deer in yosemite park......m

whats this i see,

she walks with me

this shadow of repose,

between the trees

with gentle breeze,

she dances on tiptoes!!

with ner a fear

i walk so near

this creature of delite,

her large eyes glow

she lets me know,

she keeps me in her site!!

what wonder here

this fragile deer,

that god has let me see

to walk with her

without a stir,

as close as close can be!!

i shall take home

as far i rome,

for deer and i do part,

this path which led

she bows her head,

this memory in my heart!!