Ode for Kat from Mindy.....

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Ode for Kat from Mindy.....
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:52pm
Ode to kats feathered friends &to gab too.......m

in my little greenhouse

reside two feathered friends,

they give me so much pleasure

from morning till day ends.

i love to sit and watch them

as round and round they fly,

they fill my heart with happiness

i laugh until i cry!!

now in the nest is peering

two extra eyes at me,

i view their tiny baby

with mom and dad make three!!

whats this i see him flying

he's surely got some spunk,

as he leaves the nest he fails

flutter,thump, ker plunk!!!!

but with a nudge from mother

and dad now takes the lead,

he's up again and flying

determined to succeed!!

one day he'll rite his own

as he grows and flies away,

so i do not take for granite

the joy he brings today!!!