Nice ode .....(m)

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Nice ode .....(m)
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:56pm
Ode to an old lady dressed funny.......m

her skirt was green brocade

the shirt was checkered pink

and did not match the blue bow

in her hair,

but, she did not


her shoes were big and black

each sock rolled below her knees

she carried two bags,one bag

had a great tear,

but,she did not


she looked ahead and saw no one

but they,the people looked

to see an old woman dressed

in poor fare,

but,she did not


onward thru the doors she walked

searching for her purse

while others only stared,

but,she did not


she took no time to look

at others watching her,

she turned to flip her hair

for she had not a single


unlike the gal in the brazeer,this lady i saw yesterday while at the same store,as i waited for my sister in the car,she was dressed as if she had just found a goodwill box,and as others stared at her and smirked,she continued to walk bye,totally ignoring the people and the looks they gave her.i surmised that only a person who was totally happy with themselves could be so care-free!!! mindy