Ode for a Sunday Morning!!

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Ode for a Sunday Morning!!
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 11:00pm
Ode for a Sunday Morning!! m

as the morning lite

trickles thru the shade,

and nite-time bids


i wake with songs

of birds on wing,

as sunlite fills the


i rub my eyes

i stretch and yawn,

i rise to meet the


i bid hell-o

to all that's new,

each day a welcome


take care now

and spend it well,

each minute don't


for soon it

will dissappear,

and nite will come to


embrace the day,feel the sun,smell the earth,have some fun!!dont despair,dont feel blue,enjoy today,its meant for you!!!hey im a poet and i know it!!everyone have a happy and safe day!! (((hugs)))mindy