Dd's surgery is over with...

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Dd's surgery is over with...
Mon, 05-03-2010 - 9:34pm

for having her 4 wisdom teeth removed.    When we were talking to the surgeon and anesthesiologist before she went in we told them that dd does not handle the anesthesia very well, or didn't last operation she had.  They said  ok and they would compensate for that.  Well there was a bit of a problem, she was not waking up like they wanted her to... took quite a while for that to happen... she had too much stuff I guess.  When she woke they asked how she felt and she said very nauseated, so they gave her some stuff in her iv.. this on top of the stuff they gave her while in surgery.  That did not do the trick though, she was greyish white looking when she was about to be discharged so they said she needs more antinasea medication.  I got a RX to be filled that cost for 2 tiny pills $43.00.  That seemed to do the trick for her,      she was still a bit ill feeling but at least she was able to handle it.

We had planned to come home after the surgery , but  they said she really is not in travelling condition and they were not too happy with the way she was feeling, so we spent an extra night.

She is now finally starting to feel  better, she is eating some and laughing.

It is so nice to have her home.. I have missed her terribly!  She has to go back on Wednesday as she has work on Thursday.

For the most part she loves her job, she got a raise the first week she started and they are training her to be a supervisor.  I have heard she is doing very well and they seem to like her.  She is loving the pay cheque, she carried her pay stub with her in her purse to show us.

I went the day before dds surgery to my dgd's spring concert, I took my dad with me and we enjoyed that so much.  I was amazed at how well the concert went.  Dgd was so cute singing her heart out.

My dad is doing well, although I had to give him the riot act, he has medications he has to take morning, dinner and bedtime... well he missed 6 days straight the dinner and bedtime pills, one of which is his heart medications.  I told him this is a quick ticket back to the hospital if he keeps that up.  He I think gets tired and just forgets at night time, so we have decided to do a nightly call to remind him.  He has not lost his mind enough to not be  sarcastic.. he told my dh that  you can not tell that my other dd is pregnant and surely not 5 months, but it looks like all his girls  look like they are VERY pregnant.  He is so bad!  My oldest sister said she is blaming him for the fat gene...... he just laughs though.  I think it bothers her more than it does me, I am used to him telling me I have a bit of padding there.

Anyhow that is my  last few days of excitment.  I am ready for quiet time now!






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Mon, 05-03-2010 - 9:47pm

Lori, so glad your dd is OK...gosh how scary....Sure nice how the doctors listen...NOT....they sometimes make me so angry....grrrr...

I know my folks are aging but still stubborn....they can be tough to reason with!!


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Tue, 05-04-2010 - 8:12pm

I am so glad your Dd is doing better now. No fun to feel that sick after surgery. Sounds like her job is going very well also.

I so remember my Mom getting to the point where she would forget to take her meds. We did the phone calls too and they really helped remind her. I think they do get tired and often just don't feel hungry so they don't eat and then forget the meds too.


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Wed, 05-05-2010 - 12:59am

I think the drs thought I was playing it up some, but I did warn them.


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Wed, 05-05-2010 - 1:05am

Yup Mare it has come the time to do those calls to remind him,,, not such a bad thing just means I get to talk to him every day.

Dd is doing so well today, what a change from a couple days ago, she is going home tomorrow and back to work on Thurs.