Timing, Dosage of HRT & the Heart

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Timing, Dosage of HRT & the Heart
Wed, 10-01-2008 - 1:48pm

The largest observational study of hormone replacement therapy since the landmark Women's Health Initiative finds that how and when women take hormone replacement therapy affects their heart attack risk.

Younger women had a higher risk of heart attacks, especially younger women who took hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for a long time, Danish researchers found. Certain formulations also lead to different results.

"For women with an intact uterus, cyclic combined therapy (causing menstrual bleedings) should be preferred instead of continuous combined therapy (not causing menstrual bleedings)," said Dr. Ellen Lokkegaard, lead author of the study published online Oct. 1 in the European Heart Journal. "And for women without a uterus, dermal application via gel or patch is associated with a lower risk."

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