$275-$350 PayPal for completeing offer..

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$275-$350 PayPal for completeing offer..
Sun, 12-26-2004 - 10:57am

This is really legit. Ladies off another board I frequent have already received their money!!!

Sign up, complete an offer(blockbuster 2wk free trial, buy $30 worth of ink, sign up for a free fax #, can cancel before your free trial is up, don't have to pay). After you sign up, you need to have 5 people to sign up & complete an offer under you in order to get the $275,,, then add I think 2 more people to get the $350. I'm only wanting the $275, the $350 would be nice, but I'm NOT gonna press my luck, kwim?

So, take a look... This is REALLY legit. IF you have ?s about it, I can send you the board I got it off of, just email me sept798@logantele.com as I'm not allowed to name that board here.


Oh & I did the blockbuster deal on another offer about a month ago, it was simple & easy. We'd get about 3 DVDs a week, in separate mailing days, we'd watch one, send it back the next day, by then though, another was in our mailbox the same day anyways, then we'd watch it and on & on & on. At the end of my 2wk free trial, I cancelled and they didn't bill me, but the coolest part was, they gave me another 2wks FREE to try to get me to stay! So, we were able to watch about 12 movies within a mth for FREE!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

~Angela Robinson~