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PaysU - adbar that pays 50 cents an h...
Sat, 06-10-2000 - 1:48pm

PaysU - adbar that pays 50 cents an hour / 25 hours a month - checks available!

My - I have been away and come back to a new board :) Glad to be the first to post.

Anyway, if you are looking for a high-paying ad bar, take a look at PaysU. Its surf bar has been available for beta testing for a number of months and now it is public released.

Everytime I hear people posting about PaysU on discussion boards, the one feature that keeps coming up is the fact that the software runs flawlessly and does not cause any computer problem. My experience has been the same.

Also, unlike some other bars, it seems to be tracking time very accurately!

PaysU is a UK company but US, Canada members are welcome - you can get paid in US dollars. Payout is $0.50 per hour, limit 25 hours a month.

There's also a get-paid-to-have-homepage program.

Like Jotter, it has a high minimum before a check gets sent but I see it kinda like a savings program. And the fact that the software is so stable makes it palatable ;)

My referral link is:

More info is at

By the way, checks have been sent out already and so it is paying!

I am signed up under a lot of programs already (almost all of them by now!) so I am not a good trade candidate, but if you have a get-paid-when-others-click-on-your homepage type programs, let me know or we can perhaps work something else out!