Mary Poppins Path to a Healthier Life

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Mary Poppins Path to a Healthier Life
Fri, 05-01-2009 - 9:29am
In Health Beat today, Kate Johnson talks about how a good mood and positive mindset can make a huge difference in your overall health. So,what kind of person are you-do you tend to focus on what's wrong in your life or what's right in your life?

".....Inspired by the positive psychology movement, which focuses on what is right in your life, rather than what is wrong, Dr. Mary Charlson and her team got patients with high blood pressure to walk 12 extra blocks per week simply by boosting their mood and confidence levels. "That's a powerful effect," said Charlson, who is a doctor of Internal Medicine at Weill Medical College's Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine in New York....."

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The Mary Poppins Path to a Healthier Life

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