anyone have laryngeal spasms?

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anyone have laryngeal spasms?
Mon, 11-16-2009 - 5:07pm

I have a history of throat problems and for a long time, struggled with laryngeal spasms which were diagnosed as everything from a symptom of myasthenia gravis to hysteria. In the past 5 years, I've only had these episodes when a cold is coming on, but they are truly scary, no matter how infrequent they've become. I almost always have them at night, just as I fall asleep, and when they're really bad, I just don't sleep at all since they occur each & every time I drift off. If you have these too, you know the get a tickle in your throat and then it all seizes and closes up, leaving you with what feels like only a pinhole of an airway, if that. And of course, the more scared you become, the worse it gets. I do know by now that if I just relax (easier said than done when you absolutely cannot get any breath in at all!), it will often release within 30 seconds or so.


If anyone experiences these, please post whether or not you've found anything other than relaxation and "speech pathology" exercises to relieve the attacks. Anything new and helpful would be appreciated. I truly dread getting a cold for this reason and spend days absolutely exhausted while I wait it out!

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Tue, 11-17-2009 - 11:57am
Hi, fitchik1, and welcome to the Women's Health Issues board.

I must admit, I had never heard of this condition before reading your message. What I was able to find online suggests it is often linked to reflux disease, so I would be inclined to see a gastroenterologist to check for that. Later, I learned that a friend of mine suffers from laryngeal spasms, and she said taking Mucinex at the first hint of postnasal drip (that tickle in your throat) helps alleviate them for her.

Hopefully, others who have personal experience with the condition will reply and share what works for them.

I hope you are able to find relief. Please check back and let us know how you're doing.