WWN - Feb 23: Reduce Breast Cancer Risk!

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WWN - Feb 23: Reduce Breast Cancer Risk!
Wed, 02-24-2010 - 3:58pm
The Your Total Health Women's Wellness Newsletter for Feb. 23 tells us how to protect ourselves and our daughters from breast cancer, as well as debunking myths about women and heart disease. Here is a sample of articles in the newsletter:

     â€¢ The 4 Best Ways to Protect Yourself from Breast Cancer

     â€¢ Can You Protect Your Daughter from Breast Cancer?

     â€¢ Women & Heart Disease: 5 Myths

     â€¢ 9 Superfoods That Could Save Your Life

Are you following the recommendations for reducing your breast cancer risk? How many of the nine "superfoods" do you regularly consume? Anything else in the newsletter that you'd like to discuss? Post your questions and comments here!


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