WWN - June 29: Sun Damage Truth & Lies

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WWN - June 29: Sun Damage Truth & Lies
Tue, 06-29-2010 - 5:51pm
This week's iVillage Health Women's Wellness Newsletter is chock full of information and tips to help us stay safe and healthy this summer, whether going out in the sun, planning snacks or meals, running, or even grocery shopping! Check them out here:

• Sun Protection: Myths vs. Facts

• Harmless Mole or Melanoma? How to Tell

• Superfoods A-Z

• Super Snacks to Make in Under Five Minutes

• 8 Foods You're Afraid To Try...But Should

• Action Movies and Exercise Could Ruin Your Diet

• The Running Woman’s Gear Guide

Wow, what a lot of news in this issue! What was your favorite hint? What new information did you learn? Will you be trying new foods or running gear this summer?