Co-worker Problems

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Co-worker Problems
Sun, 01-25-2004 - 2:32pm
Hi everyone!

I work at a small business & my department is composed of four women. We all get along great except for one. I'm currently 22 and in my last semester of college. I'm an administrative assistant but the plan is that I will be promoted to an officer once I receive my degree. I'm thrilled because I really do like my job.

The co-worker who I have difficulties with is only 3 years older than me & acts like she owns the place. She is extremely opinionated & is pretty rude. How is she rude? She's rude in the fact that she'll interrupt an important conversation between my boss and I regarding a business issue. If it's a personal chit chat, I don't really mind. She'll also interrput clients mid-sentence when they stop by the office!! That, in my opinion, looks very unprofessional.

She can also be two-faced. For example, a clinet once called for me but I was unavailable so she decided she was going to help my client. That's no problem but it's what happend after that. After the phone call, she went to tell my boss that I wasn't available to help the client so she did. She also said that I told the client at one point that I wasn't able/willing to help them!!! Now that is very untrue! I always put my clients needs first. Thankfully, my boss and I have a great realtionship both at work & outside of work. So she didn't buy that. Also, we recently just moved to a new office & there were issues with furniture. She created a whole big mess by saying that I said I wanted something (which I didn't) and telling me that my other co-worker said I could take hers. So when our mover came, it was a big mess!

She is also very condescending towards me. I've been at my position for 3 years versus her 1 year. I know our clients like the back of my hand. She came into our department from a different area & really knew nothing about what we did and all those things. She had to learn everything. I was upset by this but I said nothing. I've talked to my boss about this situation and how it's making me feel. She completely agrees.

The difficult co-worker once said, and keeps saying, that if we have something we'd like to say, to say it and not keep it in. But, if we do that it would create a big problem. For a while, I thought it was just me and tried my hardest to put everything behind me & give her a fair chance. It didn't work & I keep trying too.

Oh... there is just so much more I can tell but I'm afraid that would take a long time to read & type! These are just a few points. I feel like this situation is getting out of hand & something needs to be done about it.

Please, any advice would be great.

Thank you for listening!!!
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Mon, 01-26-2004 - 11:15am
As long as your boss continues to recognize your good work, and realizes this woman is the source of the problems, you'r probably safest not to do anything. If you cause a big explosion, you never know where shrapnel will land. Right now, all she's causing is a bit of a tempest in a teapot, with no real negative effects for you. Until that changes, just hold tight.

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Mon, 01-26-2004 - 4:42pm

From your description, she sounds like a bully. If your boss is aware of the situation, then ignore your coworker's rudeness and reward her kindnesses. Sometimes,


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