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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:51am
This board has just a General Discussion heading ... correct? My *other* board has an Off Topic feature which probably doesn't apply to our *friendship theme* where there is no *primary* focus.





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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:56am
We will have more folders in a few days after the initial launching gliches are worked out around the boards. They will be ones we cl's requested and will apply to our board. For now we'll make do....Susie


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 11:19am
I guess I will get the hang of it, but for now I am totally confused. LOL
Hug Hope
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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 11:41am
Hi Francine I guess I figured this new stuff out!!!!

They cancelled PT until tomorrow. So I went to WW lost 4.8

not to bad .

Have a good day