Enjoyed the new pix

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Enjoyed the new pix
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 4:14pm
@photoisland. BB Blue and Susie you all look great. Hope we don't loose you to Fifty and Fabulous board because you are all fabulous. Blue you are doing so well with your fitness regime.

Crazy day in Contraryville. I have 4 little contraries. Garrett and Jeremy from Minnesota are on Spring break this week, so they have been here for 3 days. Enrique is sick so he didn't go to school today and Isabel didn't go to school because I didn't have enough room in my car to pile everyone in while I drove her to school. We have been using Babe as a pick-up so the seats are out for now. They have been good but active. With the wet wet cold snow and the construction in the basement they are confined to my living room and they are fed up to here on movies and games, legos, lincoln logs, puzzles and stories. So they are deffinately getting restless. Drew 'volunteered' to make the run to go get the other kids from school and will wait there for DD to come home. Seek and Destroy should be picked up shortly and the other 2 will be gone by bedtime. Ahhhhhh blessed peace and quiet at last. I love my grandkids and as it says in my profile, "They always give my 2 treats. One when they come and the other when they leave."

I hope everyones week end is safe relaxing and anything else you want it to be. uh oh I had better check the living room I hear them sing to the Karoke machine. MM

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 10:34pm
Thank you for the nice compliments Mary. Did you see the one's too in Blu's and BB's pages??

The one of Blu you really must see especially to see how thin she is now. She's always been a very pretty girl, but now she is one GORGEOUS woman!! Woo Hoo!!

Hope you'll get some relaxation time this weekend after your busy babysitting week.

~~~Hugs, Susie