Frozen? Not Responding? Slow?

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Frozen? Not Responding? Slow?
Mon, 12-22-2003 - 12:04pm

Please post your own experiences related to Slow, Frozen or Non-Responding Problems on your PC.

If your PC is running very, VERY slowing -- or seems to "Hang" or "Freeze" -- What could possibly be causing this?

There are a couple of situations to consider. 

  1. Has the computer simply come to a "dead end" and can't continue? 

  2. Has the computer gone into an "endless loop" (remember the shampoo bottle instructions:  lather, rinse, repeat?) 

  3. Is your computer waiting for something or someone to respond? 

  4. Is your computer busy doing 'other things' and will handle your request when it is available?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Dead End - this usually means that the programmer did a sloppy job.  If the software application you are using is freeware or shareware, this is more common.  If you tried to do something fancy or complicated with the software, or something it wasn't intended to do, you might also encounter this.

  2. Endless Loop - in this case, you will see that all your CPU or processing is being used 100%, but that nothing is happening.  This is usually a case of sloppy programming, and is more commong with freeware or shareware.

  3. Waiting for Response - if you are doing internet stuff, it could mean that the web site you are visiting is busy or overwhelmed.  If you are running a local software program, check and see if there is a pop-up error message under your current open window.  Sometimes the program is looking for a piece of hardware with a loose connection.

  4. Busy doing Other Things - If you have an antivirus program, sometimes this might start running while you are working on something else, and you'll be sharing the computer processing, making your machine seem slow.  If you have gotten some SpyWare or a Virus on your PC, that Spyware or virus could be busy using your processing doing some really nasty stuff.  Even though you don't always see another program running on the task bar, that doesn't mean that some sneaky program isn't eating up all your computer power or internet connection speed.

If you've experienced Slow, Frozen or Non-Responding Problems on your PC -- What was the Cause, and how did you Fix it?  Add your post onto this thread.


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Sat, 01-24-2004 - 7:08pm
I recently downloaded a beta version of Smiley central for instant messangers. After a little while my mouse started freezing. I uninstalled it and all of my smiley central. I was then able to at least get my mail but I was not able to access the boards as my mouse would freeze up. I am currently using my DH's laptop. I have emailed smiley central as to what they think I should do. If you have any ideas for me... I would appreciate it.

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Sat, 01-24-2004 - 7:10pm
Sorry Donna...forgot to take my hat off before I posted. :)

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Sun, 02-08-2004 - 3:07pm
Most of the freeze-ups I've experienced ended up being because I downloaded a "no-no". Xupiter, Alexa toolbar, and the famed screw-up-the-computers site for Comet Cursor (which also uses a second name with "Cursor" as the second part), and some others. I'm not quite sure how Comet Cursor manages to do it, but even when I run my programs to corral this kind of vermin, CC will continue to show up in repeat runs of those programs to detect it. They should be sooooo proud!!! I keep imagining actually working for Comet Cursor, I picture a bunch of #*@^#$&^s sitting in meeting rooms to think of new ways to sneak their garbage into bundles with other stuff we might find irresistable, the almighty dollar speaks! If you get that sucker on your computer, though, you'll be sorry, doesn't matter how "cute" all those little cursors are! I'm guessing if you get CC in a bundle, just wiping out CC won't ALWAYS get rid of it totally - if the bundle itself is still on your computer. Also in a download from Microsoft for "Nvidia", still not sure what that is, but it sounded important, so I downloaded it and immediately was having problems. Luckily I remembered I'd just downloaded it and immediately dumped it and everything was back to normal. I usually just do the critical updates, too, I figure if they don't PUT it in that category, best to just leave it alone!



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Tue, 02-10-2004 - 9:45am
Ok Ok you did a NO NO, no more lectures.

To fix it, Reboot in SAFE mode and go to MSCONFIG and remove it from your startup directory.Then Reboot. Then uninstall your mouse from ADD/REMOVE hardware and reboot. Upon bootup the PC will see the mouse and automatically reinstall it with the correct driver.