Stupid problem - unsolveable, too???

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Stupid problem - unsolveable, too???
Wed, 11-16-2005 - 12:28am
I think it is. For a long, long time now, any time you shut down/start up the computer, two pop-up boxes appear as everything is loading up, telling us the computer can't find components of a printer. Unfortunately, it's a printer we no longer HAVE, which means we also don't have the installation disc or instructions, nothing! My DH gets so po'd when he sees those two boxes, all you have to do is check "no" twice and they go away. My thinking is without the installation disc for the old printer, there's nothing we can do to UN-install the components that seem to have little bits and pieces still on the computer - if we had it we might be able to re-install and then uninstall the whole shebang. In other words, get used to the two pop-ups! Am I thinking right or is there a way to get rid of components like this you can't even FIND???



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Wed, 11-16-2005 - 7:46pm

I take it there is nothing in the Add/Remove programs?

What I would do is search for it........go to Start, Search and type in Lexmark or whatever is being popped up and what ever comes up try deleting it and see what happens......


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Thu, 11-17-2005 - 8:38am

If what Janet suggested doesn't work, you could always go back to the website and download that program AGAIN and use the uninstaller to remove it after installing it. Just remember to install it to the SAME folder that it was first installed in.