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Geeliz ------ Active X
Sat, 06-10-2006 - 11:28pm

Hang in there the Windows patches will be out on Tuesday and

Time to Update

Microsoft has actually been rolling these changes into IE for months, but has offered users a "compatibility patch" that allowed IE to work on Web sites that had not been reprogrammed. With Tuesday's updates, though, there will be no way to avoid the ActiveX changes.

The biggest headache, however, will come from the sheer number of updates being released Tuesday, said Susan Bradley, chief technology officer with Tamiyasu, Smith, Horn and Braun, Accountancy.

Complicating matters is the fact that these patches will be released in the middle of Microsoft's Tech-Ed user conference.

"I'll be at Tech-Ed in Boston and deciding if I remotely patch over the weekend or not," Bradley said via e-mail.

So we may get some help in breaking don't do anything till we get this patch.

But lets all wait and see these reviewers will have information on how these patches are going to work. Or not work whatever the case will be. I will let you know what they say about them.




Have a nice day !.
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Wed, 06-14-2006 - 4:26pm
Yep! Heard about these patches on TV news last night! I also heard from others they they're downloading theirs now as I write. Thank you for this data! I'll take it all under advisement! HUGGS.....
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