Board weirdness???

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Board weirdness???
Sun, 07-30-2006 - 6:31pm
It's Home Improvement with Barbara K.  At least on MY computer, if I open up that board, there's no option to post a reply to any post that's already there.  I'm also noticing weird things going on, I'll be on a board, and out of the blue it'll flash a page telling me IE can't access that page.  It's already ON that page.  Maybe it's just the heat causing summer weirdness, or iV is making more improvements, chuckle, chuckle.  And I suppose we'll all get pestered to death unless we respond "yes" to that dumb survey?  Every time I click on a new board, it shows up. 

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Sun, 07-30-2006 - 8:00pm

Well I haven't had that wierdness


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