Please Help....I'm going crazy....

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Please Help....I'm going crazy....
Wed, 09-27-2006 - 10:43am

Hi ladies...I'm back again with my "pop-up" problem...(thanks Joannaran for the advice about the Pop-Up Blocker).....

I downloaded the Pop-Up Blocker from Panicware and it has helped....however, it doesn't stop all he pop-ups.  The pop-ups still continue to plague me....they show up and the blocker "blocks" them...but they still freeze my screen, which interferes with whatever I'm doing...usually posting to a message board.

Obviously something has infiltrated my computer and I'm ready to toss it through a window.  I run Ad-Aware every other day, but it still doesn't help.  Any suggestions?


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Thu, 09-28-2006 - 8:59am

I would also run spybot, it's free.

just make after every update that you do an Immunize, otherwise it doesn't load the new definitions into the scanner.

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Sat, 09-30-2006 - 4:53pm
Have you tried going into tools