software question

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software question
Thu, 10-12-2006 - 2:14pm

Hi, I recently bought a Dell computer. It came with Corel(word-perfect) installed on it..and i hate it.
I'm a student and my college classes use Microsoft Office products. I need to have excel, and powerpoint as well...
My question is...
Can I just buy an update of Microsoft Office? Or do I have to buy the complete package?

I want to get rid of the Corel products entirely.

here are my system specs...

Microsoft Windows xp
Media center edition
version 2002
service pack 2
Pentium (4) CPU 2.80 ghz
2.79 ghz 504 MB of RAM

I don't want to spend the 400 bucks if i can avoid it...
and the upgrade is half the price.

I tried calling DEll Support..but surprise...they kept me on hold for 20 minutes and then hung up on me....

Thanks for your help....

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Thu, 10-12-2006 - 3:53pm

Since you're a student, you can purchase Microsoft Office from your university bookstore for a fraction of the retail cost.