This is a strange one

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This is a strange one
Thu, 10-12-2006 - 5:52pm
My main e-mail is thru Charter Communications, and so far I haven't had too many problems with it.  Today I keep trying to write an e-mail, a long one, to my sister.  I was in the Charter e-mail, typing along, almost at the end of a LONG e-mail, and the site vanished out from under me, I was taken back to my opening page.  I thought the first time, okay, I must have hit some key that caused me to suddenly exit the page. happened twice - and the second time I know I absolutely did NOT do anything to cause it.  Anybody encounter something like this and figure out how it happened?  Obviously I won't bother using that one again for e-mails until I figure it out.  I can call Charter, but not until the wee hours, any other time of day and you'll be on hold for an hour.  I love using a computer, but I often find it frustrating - I've wasted a full hour now today. 

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Fri, 10-13-2006 - 11:32am

I have no idea why it happened but I've noticed that if I don't do a HARD shut down on my computer every 3 or 4 days, it starts doing some very wierd stuff. Have you done a hard shut down lately?


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Fri, 10-13-2006 - 4:26pm
One thing I have learned is to NEVER write a whole bunch of text into any web page, for fear of losing it. I ALWAYS compose my longer emails into Notepad or Wordpad or Word first, then when its ready to go, I paste in into the web page. You cant accidentally close Notepad or any of them without it asking if you want to save first, so you have a safety net. I have have had too many experiences of my browser crashing or sending a webmail and having it not go through, then you go back to the page and its gone now.