Advice Needed Please

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Advice Needed Please
Wed, 12-20-2006 - 8:58pm

Okay for starters I am that girl all you computer people hate because I honestly know very little about computers I am just really good at checking my email and my IV boards.  LOL  Anyway I will describe my problems in great detail and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have a computer that I only use for internet.  It is an HP.  I have had it for like 3 years and then I got a virus.  It was just constantly doing pop-ups.  So I was given advice to restore it to factory conditions and that was real easy I did it by myself.  Then magically nothing was wrong for a while.  My old internet provider was a local dial up and the guy that runs it ran into me and said that they could see that there was a pattern or something that told him I had a trojan horse virus.  He gave me something that should take care of it and I didn't.  Several months went by with no problems.   I switched over to a cable internet which I have had for 2 months and about 3 days ago pop-ups are back and they cause me to lose whatever window I was in.  So  it appears the same one before it was "winfixer" and now it is "winantispyware."  Those are the names of the supposed companies that want me to install stuff.  So last night I got the info out that I was given before and it was Microsoft Malicious software removal.  I thought it would for sure work.  I did the long version where it scans everything and it found nothing.  Does this sound really bad?  I am willing to have it taken in to get it fixed.  Best buy is quoting $199.  My question is how do they know that they get the virus.  I don't know.  I am confused and I apologize for not be all that computer savvy, but I need help.  TIA ELLEN

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Wed, 12-20-2006 - 11:49pm

Well, if you take the computer in and they wipe it clean and reistall windows. Then everything is clean.

My thought is why are you getting this in the first place. What anti virus program are you using and is it being updated all the time?

I found that there is a fix for the winfixer trojan how to find out if that is what you have. Do a google search for it and read what it has to say. You may have something else.

When you get rid of this thing, we need to find out why you got it back again. If it was from a web site or an email. Maybe we can keep you from getting it again.



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