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More on VISTA
Thu, 02-01-2007 - 12:48pm

From Kim Komando, I think she is about the easiest to understand.

First, as with previous coming out parties for new Windows operating systems  Microsoft will tell you how great it is........the geeks tell you it is not and everyone else will tell you that it will be ok but not to RUSH out to get it but as we have seen before unless you go with a Mac you WILL be getting a new Operating system

I have to side with the ones that say if XP is working for you now just wait there is time to switch when Vista has been out a bit and other people can test it and let us know what is going on with it.

Like me I am sitting here still liking XP. But have an old system that needs more ram and it is over 5 years old so the other components have to be wearing down I will be getting a new desktop with Vista.......Just not today...

Here is what Kim Komando has to say.

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