ATTN: Scams and viruses

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ATTN: Scams and viruses
Sun, 07-08-2007 - 9:47pm

This was taken from the Worldstart newsletter.........

Jury Duty Scam

Yes, that's right. Another scam has been making its rounds and once again, it's my job to inform you all about it! Chances are, you've probably received an e-mail about a new scam, entitled "Jury Duty," and you're probably wondering if it's true or not. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is. I was actually given this information by a loyal reader, so here's a huge thanks to them! Okay, here's the scoop. The scam actually starts out with a phone call from the scammer. They tell you they work for the local court and that you have failed to show up for your jury duty assignment. The scammer then goes on to tell you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest.

Of course, by this time, you are in panic and when they ask you for your information to verify everything, you give it to them right away. This information includes your social security number, your birth date and quite possibly, your credit card number. You know, everything the scammer needs to commit identity theft. It's an easy way to catch you off guard and when you're upset, you're more likely to give out your personal information. It's a win-win situation for the scammer.

The FBI has stated that this scam has already occurred in Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington state. They are also reminding you that court workers will never call and ask you for your personal information over the phone. They usually deal with everything through the regular mail. If you're careful not to give out any of your information over the phone, you will be just fine. Like I always say, just use some common sense and these scam artists will not be able to get away with this any longer. Always protect yourself first!

~ Erin


Postcard E-mail Scam

If you're like me (and everyone else who has e-mailed me about this), you've been getting some strange e-mails in your Inbox lately. Am I right? Well, those e-mails are part of a new scam that is going around these days. It's going by the name of the "Postcard Scam," but there are various versions of it that may have found its way to your e-mail Inbox. Let's take a look at it and see what all it entails, shall we?!

If you receive one of these e-mails in your Inbox, the subject will say something like "You've received a postcard from a family member" or something similar to that. There have also been some that say something about an e-card, a greeting or even one specifying a special holiday (like the Fourth of July, for example). The senders of this scam have also varied. These spam e-mails have come from Hallmark, Greetings123, eCards, and more.

If you open the e-mail, it will tell you that you've been sent a postcard and there will be a link you can click on to go and preview it. But, if you click on that link, you're putting yourself at risk for a potential virus or malware infestation. Once you click on the link, the scammers know your address is a real one and they can start sending you malicious material at any time. So, although these e-mails look tempting, don't click on that link! Be extra careful not to fall for this trick. Like I always say, if the e-mail looks suspicious, just delete it as fast as you can. It's better to be safe than sorry, don't you think?!

~ Erin


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