Vista - no Microsoft Word?

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Vista - no Microsoft Word?
Tue, 09-18-2007 - 3:38am
I'm so confused with this whole computer, some of it's okay already, but DH already asked "where's Microsoft Word", and I have no idea!!!  No disc for it, but there is one for Microsoft Works 8.5 - is that it?  I've managed to install some discs by myself, for the cable modem, the scanner, etc., but I feel in over my head here.  No luck yet getting the printer to work, but it is installed.  Didn't anticipate all this, maybe DHs right and we should let our neighborhood computer guys finish this up! 

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Wed, 09-19-2007 - 12:09pm

Works 8.5 is without Word..


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Thu, 09-20-2007 - 1:21am
We didn't know



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Fri, 09-21-2007 - 10:17pm

Forgot my hat but, I am the one who thinks that for the most parts things that work best wireless are DH and his cordless drills he has 3 I think and 5 or 6 charged up and ready to go batteries....but I end up running to get the corded one don't make him happy but

I hate that mess with the computers too but when I get my new computer I will put this one on the other desk beside this one and hide all that stuff back there........or.........because we live in Nebraska and I am forevery having to crawl under the desk to unplug in a storm I might just bring it forward and call it modern


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Sat, 12-01-2007 - 11:57am

Janet, you could also use Open Office, which is free.

I have a new Dell with XP on order. I still have the Word disks that came with this one (XP). I wonder if I can install that on the new one?

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