Installing programs on Vista

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Installing programs on Vista
Fri, 02-15-2008 - 7:22am

Our daughter received a "Nancy Drew" game for her birthday.  The box says Vista compatabale.  Every time that we try to install it on this computer, the whole computer shuts down.  It is not the cd, because we took it to her grandma's house, and it works just find on XP. 

Any ideas on why the computer shuts down when we try to install the game?  To be perfectly honest, I have had nothing but problems with Vista.  The whole program disgusts me. 

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Fri, 02-15-2008 - 9:32am

i found this, it may be helpful.

Vista has alot of issues. My girlfriends daughter had to have her Vista on her laptop wiped and reinstalled because things stopped working like the USB and then finally it would not boot at all. My dad has sent his desktop back to HP and I suspect another Vista issue. I should have known better then to recommend he buy that desktop with Vista being brand new, it needs a service pack or two and time to settle down.

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Tue, 02-26-2008 - 11:47pm
We have quite a few that won't install.