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Kids Computers
Thu, 04-03-2008 - 8:21pm

Does anyone know of a software of another idea that will force kids to shut computer completely off at a certain time (bedtime)?  I am just looking for a little help cause it is a constant battle. 

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Thu, 04-03-2008 - 9:10pm

I know with Vista that you can set the time a person can be on the computer. Like if you say after they have done their homework they can be on the computer from 7-9 maybe it is just the internet will shut down for them at that time. But I am sure that there are programs out there that you could use. But I would think if you told them that they had to get ready for bed at 9 and you went in and pulled up a chair beside them at about 5 till 9 and then tell them to shut it down that having you just sit there a few nights of that and soon all you would have to do is come in the room and they would be hitting the start

I know it is kind of a Super Nanny kind of thing but I don't think they want you to watch them all the time either...

Now I didn't have that problem when my kids were little but I do know that if I had them now while they were at school I would have their power cords from their computers and they wouldn't get them back untill my rules were followed...... After a couple nights give it back to them at 9 if they didn't shut down keep the cord 3 days and so on........either you will break them or they will get used to doing something

But then I am meaner than the SN.........

There are a list of software that can shutdown the computer.....