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Facebook,MySpace etc
Thu, 10-09-2008 - 1:09pm

You all know that I don't like these places, never have. I don't have accounts there but I have visited a few sites that people I know set up. My DGD actually told me that the thumbnails at the bottom of her front page were not hers but just there. If that wasn't enough not to go back I don't know what was...

Then there are the stories of viruses, I didn't pay that much attention because I refuse to go to those places and if I did check out a front page I would not click on anything but the red x in the upper right hand corner.....

But I know people go there and some don't know anything that is going on and some people don't care. But I am posting these stories just so you have a heads up.



Even though this is a couple years old it still applies I am always hearing stories about some guy finding a little girl on MySpace or Facebook....



I know you can't be afraid of every little thing that goes on or you would never leave the house. But to be uninformed is a little scary too.....

To me I have always thought that if it is rumored bad and you go check it out and see bad then to me it is just bad why bother......My Opinion



Have a nice day !.