^^^***^^^Attention^^^***^^^Be careful^^^

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^^^***^^^Attention^^^***^^^Be careful^^^
Sun, 11-09-2008 - 12:37pm

I started getting an email in my inbox that looked like it came from me... ??? I don't open my own email unless I know I sent something to Hotmail or Yahoo so I can have it on my laptop.

Anyway in OE you can see inside the email without opening it. Right click on it and go to Properties, then Details then Message Source. You can see who it is from and if it isn't in jibberish you can even read what it says...without opening it. Anyway from what I have read it has a virus in it if you click on the the link in it or something I have never opened it so I don't know but here is something I found out about this.........


When I saw that it said that I had subscribed to MSN featured offers I knew that was wrong.

My isp says they clean the spam out now before it is downloaded but Postini when they had it did a much better job. So I sent this last one to my isp. I feel that I am paying enough for the internet that they should protect me better than that.

Just so you know.



Have a nice day !.