Partition External Hard Drive?

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Partition External Hard Drive?
Tue, 04-07-2009 - 10:14am

I have a "ton" of digiscrapping stuff and my 250 gb hard drive is almost full.  I was advised to get an external hard drive.  It is all plugged in now, but when I read the manual it said something about it being possible to partition the hard drive.  I don't know anyting about partitioning the hard drive and they don't say anything else about it.

I'd appreciate any tips you can provide.  The EHD is 500 gb.  I plan to use it just for digiscrapping stuff or possibly fonts, too.

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Tue, 04-07-2009 - 5:32pm

You only got a 500GB? LOL just teasing from what I have been downloading Oh My maybe I had better not go

From what I have been able to find they say that if you are only going to use it for 1 thing then you don't need to partition it....

But here is what some of the geeks do and maybe ED will read this and tell us for sure....

If you are going to use part of it for backup, music, photos, videos, documents and scraps, then I guess it would be better to partition it.

If you are only going to use it for scraps.....myself I would just make folder on it like I would the internal drive. And you can have one for fonts, elements, word art, Christmas scraps, summer, childrens, animals......well you already probably have it that way anyway.....something so you can find what you are looking for..

I will just say that if ED is around that he will tell you for sure what to do....but that is what I got out of it.....

But I think you have to format a new drive and I don't know how to do that either.

Good luck...I will come to your board and tell you about my


Have a nice day !.
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Wed, 04-08-2009 - 9:37am

Here's an article on how to do it on XP and I'm sure it's very similar on Vista.

As far as an external drive goes, I don't suppose it matters if you make it all one partition or several. Just depends if you would rather see many drives with different names or if you want to see one drive with many folders for all your needs.

When I build my own systems I always make several partitions on my main hard drive, so I end up with a C,D,E and maybe 1 or two more. I usually then use the C for only the operating system and install all my programs on D and use the rest for storage of music,movies, pics, etc.

I could think of some small advantages of having it broken into several slices. When you go to defrag a drive, it will take less time per drive since they are smaller. Similarly for any type of scanning you might do with your antivirus and/or spyware software, you can break it up a little without having to scan your entire 500GB drive at once. If you had a network in your house and wanted to share drives between computers, you can slap all your shareable stuff into certain drives and not have to worry about only sharing certain folders on a given drive.

Thats just a couple things that come to mind.