BEWARE! Security Essentials 2010 scam

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BEWARE! Security Essentials 2010 scam
Thu, 02-18-2010 - 5:37pm

Yesterday may friend's PC was infected with this nasty virus called Security Essentials 2010. First of all she though that this software is from Microsoft as they have Microsoft Security Essentials, but luckily she was smart enough to realize that it's fake and did purchase it. So, I just want to draw your attention, be careful on Facebook. It came from there. Hopefully we found some references about this virus and finally managed to remove it. Everything seems to be OK now. However, it took about 3 hour to remove it. So, be careful, don't be fooled by Security Essentials 2010 virus. You can read more about this virus and how to avoid/remove it here:

Good luck and be safe!
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Thu, 04-15-2010 - 1:49pm

Thanks for the heads up and making us aware. It is really very important to double check on something that appears suspicious or even before we try anything online so we will not regret in the end.

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