Ciara, how did it go?

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Ciara, how did it go?
Mon, 04-28-2003 - 4:14pm
Thinking of you and watching for your update!

Remind me about the long trip - how far do you have to travel to get to RE?

Hope it is all goodness!!!!

- Ann

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Tue, 04-29-2003 - 3:53am
Thanks for the good wishes everyone.

The 'long' drive is relative to England where a 40 mile trip takes about 2 hours. This doctor takes a bit less than 2 h ours, but that is totally dependant on the time of day you have to go. Last time we went there was a 60 mile long traffic jam - luckily we were on our way home by then and missed it!

The tests went fine. I was a bit concerned when I got there and the nurse asked me if I'd had any pain medication. Yikes! No one mentioned that. They gave me some but it turned out the test itself was fine. Nothing like my hsg, which he says he prescribes pethodine for since he considers it to be a sometimes *very* painful procedure..interesting. I wasn't prepared for the bleeding and pain that continued the rest of the day though. It wasn't too bad if I kept still. I'm just hoping it's over today.

Right now most of my 11 vials of blood should be on their way to chicago. How weird is that? We get the results in about 3 weeks. Trying not to think about what they might be.

thanks for your thoughs,