Questions I should ask Dr.

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Questions I should ask Dr.
Sat, 08-30-2003 - 12:17pm
At the time we had the ultrasound that told us there was no longer a heartbeat, my OBGYN proceeded to tell me that it was a 95% chance because of my age (43) that it was chromosomal. She said that at my age that I would probably only be able to have a normal child is with egg donation.

I was rather upset to hear that, seeing that there are many women my age having babies that are perfectly fine. Why would my eggs be too “old”?

Well we went to our first Dr’s appointment since the d&c, on Wednesday. We were told everything was fine with my uterus and that the placenta and sac were all normal. They did not have the tests back from the baby till yesterday, Friday. The Dr. told my husband, that took the call, that it “was not as she thought”. They found no chromosomal abnormalities.

And as my heart breaks, we found it really was the little girl I felt it was. We named her Lala (pronounced Layla) Marie.

My OBGYN made an appointment with a fertility specialist to see if we can find out what is causing this. This was my second miscarriage. We did not have too much trouble getting pregnant, its staying that way.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what kind of tests I should be requesting and if you went though the same thing what we might be in for with the specialist?

Need Hugs, prayers and suggestions.