Camp David US/ UK meeting:

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Camp David US/ UK meeting:
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 2:22pm
Does anyone reckon Blair will be able to pull Bush round to a sensible stance on post-War government in Iraq?

Or will Cheyney and Rumsfeld pull all the strings?

I mean who needs the UK or Europe when America is so powerful already?

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 7:03am
Should the UN or the US take on the task of reconstructioning the leadership of Iraq after the war?

Leaders call on U.N. to resume oil-for-food program.

See link for story.....

>"After the Camp David meeting, a senior Bush administration official said there was no major disagreement with Blair over the postwar role of the United Nations in Iraq, and said U.N. Security Council members blocking a resumption of Iraq's oil-for-food program were endangering the lives of Iraqis in need of food and medicine.

Both Bush and Blair want the Security Council to pass revisions to the oil-for-food program so that its escrow account can be used for humanitarian relief to be distributed in conjunction with the coalition war effort. Under current program guidelines, the money goes to the Saddam Hussein regime."<

>"Bush appeared to bristle at suggestions that the war in Iraq enjoyed little global support.

"We've got a huge coalition. As a matter of fact, the coalition that we've assembled today is larger than the one assembled in 1991 in terms of the number of nations participating," Bush said, referring to the Gulf War.

Blair, however, acknowledged a split in Europe. "I mean, there's no point in hiding it; there's been a division," he said, suggesting that some relations would have to be mended once the war in Iraq is over.

"At some point we will have to come back and we'll have to discuss how the disagreement arose," he said.

Looking ahead to the more complicated issue of a postwar Iraqi administration, the Bush senior official said Bush and Blair agreed on the goal of transferring power from the military to a transitional Iraqi administration as soon as possible.

And the official said the leaders agreed that the interim Iraqi leadership should include some opposition figures who have been living outside Iraq, some Kurdish leaders who have relative governing autonomy now in northern Iraq and, to the maximum degree possible, Iraqis now living within the country who are either involved in civilian administration or who emerge as potential postwar leaders in the days and weeks ahead.

The official drew a parallel to the emergence of Hamid Karzai as a leadership figure in Afghanistan."<


UN poised for Iraq food scheme.

>"UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has said a United Nations humanitarian aid programme for Iraq could be reactivated within 24 hours.

The UN Security Council has agreed a draft resolution to revive the oil-for-food scheme, a lifeline for the Iraqi people for the past six years."<



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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 3:52pm
I haven't heard Blair's opinion on what to do in post-war Iraq. Bush doesn't appear to listen to anyone except the inner circle, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice & Ashcroft.