Protesters may be caught in a quagmire..

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Protesters may be caught in a quagmire..
Fri, 04-04-2003 - 1:35pm

Their strategy is backfiring. They thought they could bust in, assault the nation and win the people over.

The Washington Post-ABC News Poll found Americans overwhelmingly approve of the way President Bush is handling Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

The poll on Jan. 20 showed 50 percent approved, 46 percent disapproved.

The poll on March 27 showed 69 percent approve, 26 percent disapprove.

This shows the value of die-ins, getting naked for peace and lectures about the military by a guy who played an Army doctor on a TV-show.

A 4 percent margin is now a 43 percent gulf.

If this keeps up, the president's support will be 107 percent by Labor Day.

Protesters are in retreat. On Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle ran an article, "War foes hear gripes, change tactics."

I can see why. San Francisco residents resent spending $5 million on police to baby-sit flower children gone to seed.

The generals of the protest are fighting Vietnam. They hope Iraq will be another Vietnam.

It is as if Sept. 11 never happened.

I suggest these changes:

* Drop the worldwide protests.

Going global automatically links protesters to the flag-burners in Palestine, the fans of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and the neo-Communists in Europe.

* Do not let front groups for socialists run things.

Americans are happy little capitalists. We have 401(k) accounts. We like our Big Macs supersized. We earned our SUVs.

* Drop "no blood for oil."

By now, everyone knows Iraqi oil goes to France, not the United States.

* Quit knocking the president.

Less than 50 percent voted for him, yet more than 70 percent support him. Americans hate sore losers. Quit whining. An occasional "Impeach Saddam" sign would help.

* Do not block traffic.

Marching in New York City on a weekday was not bright. It reminded people that the last protest to shut down Wall Street was on Sept. 11, 2001.

* Drop the "I support the troops" nonsense.

No one believes it. Too many of the protesters oppose spending a dime on defense, including money on the very weapons that spare Iraqi lives while protecting our troops.

* Shut up the celebrities.

Natalie Maines sings well. So do most canaries. She has a canary's worth of knowledge about Iraq.

* Quit insulting the intelligence of Americans.

Polls show that the people who support the war most are the ones who have studied the issue most.

* Watch the language.

Calling everyone you disagree with a warmonger is juvenile. Real pacifists use pacific language.

That is my advice.

I doubt the protesters will listen. They have agendas that have nothing to do with peace. If they wanted peace, they would demand that France, Germany, Russia and China quit arming Iraq.

I remember the last Gulf War. America yielded to world opinion and let this rat live. This President Bush will not make that mistake. That is why most American support him.

That and the whole Sept. 11 thing.