World Food Programme warns of 40 million

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World Food Programme warns of 40 million
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 8:51am
African deaths.

The World Food Programme of the United Nations is warning that forty million Africans are in danger of starving to death. The organisation said in New York that while the world was looking at the humanitarian situation in Iraq, the much greater need in Africa was being forgotten. While an aid programme worth 1.3 billion euros for the next six months had already started for Iraq, nothing like it had begun for 40 million Africans. The WFP urged the UN Security Council not to let Africa be forgotten.,3367,1429_W_827851,00.html

New York - About 40 million Africans face possible starvation this year unless the international community comes up with $1bn worth of aid, the World Food Programme said on Monday.

The UN agency said another 200 million people on the continent suffer from chronic hunger.

The agency's executive director, James Morris, slammed what he called a double standard in the international community for allowing the problem to continue.

"How is it we routinely accept a level of suffering and hopelessness in Africa we would never accept in any other part of the world?" he asked. "We simply cannot let this stand."

He said the agency needs $1.8bn to meet emergency food needs in Africa and is currently a billion dollars short.

"We urgently need more funds in the next several months to avert severe hunger among refugees," he said. "The mid-February shortfall was $84m. Some refugees are already receiving only half their monthly food rations.",6119,2-11-1447_1344568,00.html

UN slams aid 'double standards'