Saddam's statue falls. Some reactions.

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Saddam's statue falls. Some reactions.
Thu, 04-10-2003 - 10:17am
Chirac 'rejoices' as Saddam falls.

Chirac strongly opposed a U.S-led military attack on Iraq, preferring to work through the U.N. Security Council in supporting longer weapons inspections.

>"But he said in a statement released by the Elysee Palace Thursday: "France, like every democracy, is rejoicing over the collapse of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship, and hopes for a quick and effective end to the battle.""<


Asian Muslims not celebrating.

>"In mainly Muslim Indonesia and Malaysia, opinion was that distrust of U.S. intentions toward Muslims in general would take a long time to heal even though there is little love for the Iraqi leader in this mainly moderate part of the Islamic world."<

Doubt and fear in Arab world.

>"The media in neighboring countries expressed caution and suspicion at the sight of U.S. soldiers rolling their tanks into the center of Baghdad and hoisting the American flag on a statue of Saddam in Firdos Square."<



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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 11:07am
The Bush administration's next moves are going to be so critical. I just hope that there's someone in DC with a little sense...stabilize the situation as quickly as possible and then get the U.N. in there to make sure that the Iraqi people are able to set up their own government. Whoever ends up in power should NOT be a handpicked U.S. puppet. Let's face it, 'democratic rule' is not something that has any history in Iraq, or for that matter, the majority of the Middle East. We will have to back off and let the Iraqi people develop the form of government that best suits them. Also, the oil production of Iraq should be arranged to benefit ALL of it's citizens - again, not the U.S. or any other outside power.