Did the Rep. Party get $$$ from China?

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Did the Rep. Party get $$$ from China?
Wed, 04-30-2003 - 9:54am
Lieberman seeks investigation of accused spy's finances.


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Lieberman Sunday asked the Justice Department and the FBI to investigate whether an accused spy may have illegally funneled money from the government of China to the Republican Party in the 1990s.

Lieberman made the request in a letter to Attorney General John Aschcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller, said Adam Kovacevich, press secretary to the Connecticut senator. He confirmed details to CNN of the story, which was first reported in Sunday's Washington Post.

Katrina Leung, accused of being a Chinese double agent, was also a political fund raiser for the Republicans.

Leung was recruited as an informant by the FBI in 1982, and has been charged with espionage. Her FBI handler, retired agent James Smith, has been charged with gross negligence for allowing her access to classified material. Officials say he had an affair with Leung.

Officials say Leung also had an affair with William Cleveland, another agent, now retired. Cleveland has not been charged.

From Washington Post article.....

>"Katrina M. Leung, 49, recently jailed on charges that she was a "double agent" who passed classified information to the People's Republic of China, was a well-known political fundraiser for Republicans in Southern California. She and her husband have contributed $27,000 to national GOP causes since 1992.

By calling for a campaign finance investigation of Leung, Lieberman hopes to renew the government's inquiry into alleged attempts by China to influence the 1996 elections, this time with the focus on a prominent Republican fundraiser."<

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Post about Katrina Leung's arrest.....




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Thu, 05-08-2003 - 10:01am
Accused double-agent met 2,100 times with Chinese officials.

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>"Leung's name does not appear in any public records as an information source or target of campaign finance investigations, although she probably knew many of those involved, Justice Department officials say.

But the officials say she was one of the key sources of information about Ted Sioeng, who along with his family and business associates contributed more than $400,000 to the Democratic National Committee in 1995 and 1996, according to congressional records. Half of that money was wired from bank accounts in Hong Kong. Sioeng also contributed $150,000 to Republican causes.

The investigations never proved whether Sioeng was acting as a conduit for Chinese money. Now, investigators in the Leung case wonder what role she may have played in the decision by Sioeng and 28 family members or associates to leave the United States or refuse to talk after the fund-raising scandal broke.

Another connection between the spy case and the fund-raising investigation involves Johnny Chung, who pleaded guilty to making illegal campaign contributions and cooperated, initially in secret, with the FBI. Chung's FBI handler was Smith and Chung also was represented by Sun.

Chung testified before Congress that after he began cooperating, he received veiled death threats from a man in Beijing who claimed connections to a high-level Chinese intelligence officer. Chung and his family were placed under FBI protection and sent to a confidential location in California."<



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Thu, 05-08-2003 - 3:05pm
I hope that they can get somewhere with this. Our campaign funding/finance 'system' has very little in the way of true controls. Makes me wonder where else foreign 'influence' is being felt...