Help save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

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Help save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani
Tue, 07-27-2010 - 1:25am
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian mother of two, was convicted in May 2006 of having an “illicit relationship” with two men and received 99 lashes as her sentence. Despite already having been punished, she has now been further convicted of “adultery” and she and sentenced to death by stoning.

She is currently being held on death row in Tabriz Prison, north-west Iran, and faces imminent execution. Around July 7th , following international protests, officials in Tabriz asked the head of Iran’s judiciary to agree that her sentence of stoning to death be converted to execution by hanging.

On 10 July, the head of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights said that her case would be reviewed, although he affirmed that Iranian law permits execution by stoning.

On 14 July Sajjad Qaderzadeh, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, was summoned to Tabriz’s Central Prison, and is believed to have been questioned by Ministry of Intelligence officials who possibly threatened him not to give further interviews about his mother’s case.

It is clear Sakineh remains in grave risk. Please sign the petition which calls on the Iranian authorities to clarify her current legal status, demands that the authorities enact legislation that bans stoning as a legal punishment, and eliminates other forms of the death penalty for “adultery” such as fogging or imprisonment.

For more information and to sign the petition, please go to


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Tue, 07-27-2010 - 9:58am

We have a thread on this subject in the Internation News folder. Link below.

Iran to review woman's stoning verdict



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Tue, 07-27-2010 - 11:15am
we should offer a legal killing by paper. That is stripping citizenship name etc while leaving her alive. to be "reborn" some where else under an UN passport with a different name. She would be considered dead with out being dead.

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Wed, 07-28-2010 - 6:58pm

I am curious as to why the Muslims who always claim that Islam is peaceful and tolerant will not stand up against this horrible act.

I have heard nothing that they are organizing to protect this poor woman.