Cuba arrests 'dissidents'-Carter MIA

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Cuba arrests 'dissidents'-Carter MIA
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 8:08am
On the fate of those arrested:

Jimmy Carter on Cuba:

"There are indications of openness and reform in Cuba. For the first time since the revolution 43 years ago, Cubans were permitted to hear a clear voice calling for freedom of speech and assembly, the organization of labor unions and opposition political parties, free elections and the admission of human rights and International Red Cross inspectors." Misread ANOTHER dictator Jimmy.

"There is little doubt that further reforms are thwarted by harsh demands from Washington or Miami, which alienate Cubans and create the perception that any further moves by the Cuban government would be a sign of weakness." The US not the dictator is to blame according to Jimmy.

"Cuba has a superb system of education and health." Indoctrination and help with the wounds of torture is superb Jimmy? Very reminiscent of how you couldn't argue with the Soviets over their healthcare system when they told you it made them better than the US.

Further consider Jimmy Carter's widsoms:

"The dictator Fulgencio Batista was overthrown more than 43 years ago, and a few years later the Cuban revolution aligned with the Soviet Union in the Cold War." President Castro-dictator Batista----think about it, it says alot about Carter listen on:

"There are some in Cuba who think the simple answer is for the United States to lift the embargo, and there are some in my country who believe the answer is for your president to step down from power and allow free elections. There is no doubt that the question deserves a more comprehensive assessment.

I have restudied the complicated history (in preparation for my conversations with President Castro), and realize that there are no simple answers"

More Moral hypocrisy, ahem, equivalency:

"Cuba has adopted a socialist government where one political party dominates, and people are not permitted to organize any opposition movements. Your constitution recognizes freedom of speech and association, but other laws deny these freedoms to those who disagree with the government.

My nation is hardly perfect in human rights. A very large number of our citizens are incarcerated in prison, and there is little doubt that the death penalty is imposed most harshly on those who are poor, black, or mentally ill. For more than a quarter-century, we have struggled unsuccessfully to guarantee the basic right of universal health care for our people."

BTW- one of those arrested and sentenced was part of the Varela project that Jimmy Carter mentioned in one of his speeches in Cuba-has anyone heard from him on this?

Here is a text of the moronic statement only a Jimmy Carter could make:

"ATLANTA…..I am deeply concerned about reports of detentions of Cuban citizens known for supporting the Varela Project, promoting human rights, and practicing independent journalism. The international community supports their rights to the protections afforded by the Cuban constitution. I call on the Cuban government to respect those rights and to refrain from detaining or harassing citizens who are expressing their views peacefully.

I also am troubled by the rising tension between the Cuban government and the U.S. Interests Section in Havana. I urge my own government to work with the Cuban government to deflate those tensions and establish a relationship of mutual respect."

Well Jimmy, blame the US again for your friend Fidel's decisions.

Here an opinion illuminating the 'outrage' from the Latin American democracies, Jimmy Carter seemed to take credit for, in that same speech:

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 8:18am
Further reading:

"Slate's blogger Mickey Kaus shrewdly comments: "It's especially ironic that press and publishing executives are paying an enormous premium to meet with a man who is busy jailing journalists and writers for being journalists and writers."

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 12:05pm
Maybe Carter should have been invited to the "Axis of Weasels" conference in Russia. He certainly meets the qualifications, he's a wimp.
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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 8:49pm
The bottom line is that Carter has a failed legacy as President, as well as a failed Presidency, not to mention the image of his brother Billy relieving himself on the rear tires of Air Force One. He is remembered as the President that the world could take advantage of, and nobody respected. The Iranians did not fear him, and basically laughed at him through the media while holding 57 American citizens as hostage for over a year.

It was not until the eve of Ronald Reagans innauguration that Iran "decided" to release the hostages.

Carter is just bitter because while I am sure that he is a good person and meant well as President he was extremely uneffective, and put this country into one of the worst recessions it has ever experienced.

Carter would do well to stop criticizing people that are doing a better job in their sleep that he did while awake, with all of his functions. If Carter is so concerned about what is going on in Cuba, why didn't he do anything during his four year term????? I guess this idea never occured to him then.