What is a Democrat?

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What is a Democrat?
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 12:02pm
I don't know if this will work, but here's my idea.

I would like to hear in this thread from people who consider themselves Democrats. Tell WHY you identify with that party, what you see as its ideals, main goals, etc. and why it is best for America (if you think that it is). The point is to back up from all the finger-pointing, name-calling that isn't all that productive and get some real communication "across party lines. I will post another one in a minute for Independents, Greens. Feel free to start another thread

What I hope to see:

* A clearer picture of why Democrats think their party is best

* Where the Democratic Party wants this country to head

* Stances on specific issues AND

* Suggested solutions to long-standing problems and/or national debates

What I DON'T WANT in this thread (work with me, here):

* Democrats saying why they HATE Bush, Cheney, Reagan, Greens, etc. That's all made clear elsewhere.

* People PRETENDING to be Democrats and saying negative/stupid things -- that's just immature and we should ignore these posts if they appear.

* People from other parties RESPONDING to these posts. This is supposed to be a thread for the Dems to say WHO they are without getting jeered at. You will get your chance in another thread!

Anyway, we need more open dialogue because the other hateful stuff is for the schoolyard. Let it go.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!