CNN lies to its audience

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CNN lies to its audience
Tue, 04-15-2003 - 8:40pm
It is being widely reported that CNN did not accurately report the situation in Iraq due to the fact that they struck a deal with the Iraqi government to have an office in Baghdad (gee, Ted Turners TV station lied? There is a shock)

The current President of CNN has come forth to admit to this, and former CNN reporters have even come forward to admit that they were forced by the former head of CNN to read Iraqi propoganda on the air.....

This is no way to report the news, and CNN wonders why they are losing viewers? Reporters have an obligation to report the facts as honestly as they can.

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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 11:12am
Do you have a link cause I couldn't find a story like this. Or is this more "the media is liberal" crap from some right-wing tabloid? Seems to me that if this was true the other media outlets would be jumping up and down to discredit CNN and win back parts of the audience it lost to CNN during Gulf I. And since I don't hear this story anywhere on the OTHER media outlets, I am highly skeptical. Even a seach on the Fox news website could only find a story about CNN's firing of Connie Chung. Then again, since FOX steals media feeds from CNN, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised the one can't find credible stories on their site....


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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 9:33pm
You must not be watching the news or reading any newspapers, because it was covered in the New York Time (right wing tabloid I guess), New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Fox News did carry a piece on it, and even Tom Brokaw (another right winger) covered it (see story below)

Wednesday, April 16, 2003 10:11 a.m. EDT

Brokaw Slams CNN Cover-up, Mum on His Own

"NBC Nightly News" anchorman Tom Brokaw blasted his competitors at CNN Wednesday morning for covering up atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein's regime.

But the top network newsman didn't say a word about his own efforts four years ago to protect the Clinton administration by suppressing news of a personal atrocity allegedly committed by the president of the United States.

"I was quite stunned when I read the whole ," Brokaw told radio host Don Imus. "I feel strongly that you could have reported the stories without necessarily having endangered the specific people that were a part of his concern."

The veteran anchorman said that CNN had compromised its credibility, explaining: "You're opening the public to questioning what kind of other deals you've made to be in what other countries. What are you withholding from them? That's a big problem for ."

But the "Nightly News" anchor didn't mention the "big problem" NBC faced in January 1999, when its ace investigative reporter Lisa Myers finally snagged an interview with Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick after pursuing the story for the better part of a year.

Rather than run its bombshell Broaddrick exclusive as soon as it was nailed down, Brokaw's network kept the nation in the dark for more than a month about a credible rape allegation against a president who had just been impeached for his Sexgate cover-up.

As the network dithered, Broaddrick told that Myers had warned her about NBC's footdragging. "The good news is you're credible," the rape accuser remembers her saying. "The bad news is you're very, very credible."

Still, NBC decided not to broadcast Broaddrick's account of Clinton's brutal sexual assault, forcing her to turn to the Wall Street Journal just to get the story out.

Finally, on Feb. 24, 1999 - nearly two weeks after Clinton's Senate impeachment trial had ended, the network relented, running 24 minutes of Broaddrick's eight-hour interview with Myers on "Dateline NBC."

Brokaw was so livid over his network's decision to go public with the bombshell story that he refused to even mention it on his own "Nightly News" broadcast.

Also, see the following link:

It has been out there for two days, and even CNN did a small bit on it the other night.

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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 10:03pm
Left wingers....oops sorry, the politically perfect only see what they want to.
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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 10:09pm
No, its just I have common sense and pay attention to the facts, which liberals seem to have a hard time with.