"Exclusive: Howard Dean is a Woman!

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"Exclusive: Howard Dean is a Woman!
Fri, 07-18-2003 - 3:27pm

Watch it, my conservative friends. Pretty soon it's going to be the word 'conservative' that is the label that destroys. Not 'tax and spend conservative' surely. Just spend and spend or perhaps borrow and spend would work.

If Howard Dean is a liberal and he manages to get the opportunity to do for this nation what he did for our state, then bring on the liberals, for if fiscal responsibility, low unemployment (one of the lowest in the nation currently, and that is an amazing feat for our little state of limited resources) a strong economy and healthcare for all is the hallmark of a liberal, what the Hell are we doing voting for republican wing-nuts?

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Fri, 07-18-2003 - 3:52pm
What? Dean had a sex-change operation? Did the state PAY for that? LOL!

VT is a itty-bitty state with needs very similar all over. Compare that

the BIG states like Texax, NY, and CA, which have a variety of different needs in different parts of the state. I give credit to any Governer, regardless of party, that can handle such large states.

What is California's problem? You lefties equate deficits with Republicans, yet CA is in the red up to it's ears. This highly DEMOCRATIC state wants to RECALL the left Governer.

CAn you explain this???

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Fri, 07-18-2003 - 6:10pm
Well, yeah! It's proof that ice cubes can be sold to eskimo's if the marketing practices are right. This recall was initiated by California's right wing and wasn't going anywhere until they pumped in the HUGE amounts of moola to market the recall to a state famous for the political apathy of it's constiuents.

Unfortunately, it's another indicator that money rules politics.

As for their deficit, the only recent political history I know of California was when the state was being screwed over by energy corporations like Enron. If I remember correctly, California was stepping in to help poor constituents deal with $500 monthly electric bills. They of course sued Enron to recoups the billions they lost in that little episode, and we all know how THAT is going. I know that is probably a small peice of the puzzle, but it adds light to the point you made: It's a huge and complicated state, and I'm not sure either party has done it any great service. I think California is proof that an apathetic voting population is a very dangerous thing.

Note: You included Texas in your list of large and complex states, but obviously a right wing hands-off government has not helped them out. (This is a state where one of it's legislators was quoted saying that public education is a program "destined to take us to the Hell of communism." I think I quoted that right) They are hugely in the red. However, their governor is republican, so no one is going to blow a lot of money recalling him.

As for Howard having a sex change, I think that's about the only thing that can improve him (LOL) Poor guy. It's tough having all those expectations and be gender impaired as well. Of course, being a very resourcefull physician, he wouldn't need the state's help. He could probably do it himself.

My point about Howard is the assumption that the national press keeps painting the guy a liberal. Of course everything is relative, and it depends what rock you're standing on as to what is liberal from what, but in my view, any extreme ideology won't work, liberal or conservative. Liberals idealize how people can make life better for other people, conservatives idealize how people can make life better for themselves. Both are idealistic and neither work. You gotta have someone in the middle, and that sure ain't George.