Bustamante for California Governor!!!

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Bustamante for California Governor!!!
Thu, 09-04-2003 - 6:03pm
Bustamante isn't perfect, but Democrats should support him. What's important is that he is looking out for the disadvantaged, like poor illegal aliens. He supports raising taxes to help pay for the medical and education needs of Mexican citizens who have no other place to turn (their country won't help them). Cruz believes there is no difference between illegal and legal Mexican immigrants. He feels Mexicans are special and shouldn't have to obey immigration laws. For the race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing. That's the motto of MEChA, a organization that Bustamente said he still supports. Now that's real loyality.

He supports unions too. In a speech to a Black group, he made a comment about n*gger (his words) labor organizations. Just because he doesn't like Blacks and forgot where he was, doesn't mean union members shouldn't support him. Well, maybe not black union members.

He also has a big heart. While he wants to raise taxes by 8 billion dollars, he said the millions of dollars in profits from Indian gaming should not be taxed, after taking over a million dollars of campaign contributions from Indian tribes in this week alone. What a guy!